Vocational Counseling


Providing strategic vocational services to promote a worker's recovery, engaging all stakeholders in the claim process and leave-laws.

Job Analysis Preparation


Offers onsite services to build and prepare a Job Analysis that will serve as a tool for the employer to create and/or polish internal return to work efforts.

Return to Work Programs


Working directly with employers, supervisors, and their employees to determine effective return to work strategies.  We will assist in modifying and/or creating programs that fit their specific needs, creating successful outcomes. 

Workplace Ergonomics


We have trained Ergonomic Assessment Specialists who will travel onsite to evaluate workstations. We meet directly with management and the affected employee to provide ergonomic recommendations in a written report.  

Progressive Goal Attainment Program


An empirically supported intervention program that helps to identify and reduce risk factors that may be associated with work disability and promotes forward progress in rehabilitation. PGAP Activity Coaches work with persons to facilitate return to work goals, minimize psycho-social issues, and re-integrate into daily life activities while focusing on disability reduction.