Working with Eastside Vocational Services Has Saved a Lot of Time

Job Analysis (JA), Testimonials

“Working with Eastside Vocational Services has saved a lot of time, and relieved a lot of stress for me the safety manager of a large manufacturing facility. My team and I decided to proactively have JA’s completed for our job positions prior to an incident occurring. Working with Eastside Vocational Services, we have been able to develop a plan that facilitates creation of these JA’s starting with our highest risk positions, and we were able to do this in a way that is affordable and provides benefit to us as a company as well as to our employees. Having accurate JA’s on hand helps to facilitate a safe and speedy return-to-work of employees for both work related and non-work related injuries. These JA’s can be sent to the attending physician during the injured employees initial consultation rather than waiting the normal two week waiting period for the follow up appointment. In this way we are able to safely return an employee to work in either their job of injury, or in a light duty position immediately. Many studies have shown that returning an employee to work is the best way to facilitate healing, and it is beneficial to the company as well as the other employees through elimination of overtime and training costs. Overall my experience working with Eastside Vocational Services has been extremely positive, has saved my team valuable time, and has saved our organization money. I would highly recommend Eastside Vocational Services to any employer who is looking for a safe and cost effective way to facilitate their return-to-work program.”

Mary McCurdy, ASP
Safety Manager III

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