Why isn’t Your Resumé Getting Results?


The top three reasons why your resumé isn’t getting the interviews you want.

Too Difficult to Read

98% of resumés don’t make it past the initial screening. In the time that it takes you to read this sentence, recruiters have already scanned your resumé, made a judgment about your qualifications, and either sent it along to the hiring manager or tossed it in the recycling bin. We write your resumé to stand out and make the cut.

Someone in a suit ripping a CV in half with a laptop doing a search in the background.

Not Specific Enough

Hiring managers say up to 75% of job applicants aren’t actually qualified for the job they’re applying for. Even if you are qualified, a poorly written resumé will get lost in the fray. With a targeted resumé, we highlight your skills and experience to make sure recruiters see why you’re the best fit for the job. 

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Too Many Errors

You’ve heard the saying “Two heads are better than one.” When you have Eastside Vocational Services to help with your resumé, not only will you work one-on-one with a dedicated resume writer, but your resumé will be reviewed by a team of experienced writers before the final draft is sent to you.

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Take your job search to the next level

Take your job search to the next level with Eastside Vocational Resume Services. Our staff is comprised of vocational professionals who are dedicated to providing elite and timely services to our customers. We are highly trained in preparing resumés for all types of industries and we work regularly with  employers to understand what they are looking for in potential employees.

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