When a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) is asked to provide services to a workplace injury claim, they work with the client and medical providers to assess the workers physical and mental wellness, functional abilities, skills, and limitations. The VRC will also work with the employer to determine if return-to-work is available and walk through those steps.


Based on this assessment, the VRC will develop a potential return-to-work plan that outlines steps and accommodations necessary for a successful transition back to employment. These plans may include Job Analyses for the job of injury and any transitional or light duty positions the worker could perform, recommendations for workplace modifications, job accommodations, or even can contain rehabilitation programs to support the individual’s return-to-work goals if there are no return-to-work opportunities with the employer.


Counselors may also provide assistance with resumé writing and job search strategies for those who are unable to return-to-work with their employer of injury and will be seeking employment elsewhere. In addition to individualized support, return-to-work services can be provided directly to employers, this is a service we offer to aid employers with the systems they need to have successful return-to-work and support for employees.


Overall, return-to-work assistance aims to empower individuals to successfully reintegrate into the workforce, regain financial independence, and achieve their vocational goals following a period of absence. By providing tailored support, resources, and advocacy, return-to-work programs help individuals overcome challenges and barriers to employment, ultimately promoting greater workforce participation and inclusion.

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